Assessment Appeals

The 2023 Dorr Township assessments will be published Wednesday, October 4, 2023 in the Woodstock Independent. The 2023 assessment notices will be mailed by McHenry County on October 2, 2023. The deadline to appeal the 2023 assessments for Dorr Township will be Friday, November 3, 2023.

2023 Appeal Information

How to File:

  1. You are now able to file your assessment appeals online at McHenry County’s website. Please follow the instructions as indicated on the McHenry County Assessment OfficeE-Filing  page.
  2. If you are filing your appeal by mail, or hand-delivering your appeal to McHenry County, please download the appropriate appeal packet for your property type: 2023 Residential Assessment Appeal Packet for McHenry County,  2023 Commercial Appeal Packet for McHenry County or  2023 Industrial Assessment Appeal Packet for McHenry County from the McHenry County Assessment Office. Print out the appeal packet, fill out the information requested, and attach any evidence.
  3. When completing your appeal form, you have the option for the Board of Review to make their decision based on the evidence provided (no oral hearing necessary). At these hearings, neither township assessor nor property owner is present. We recommend this option for most appeals. If the option is selected to have a scheduled, in-person hearing, you must be prepared to present your evidence. The option for this type of hearing may be appropriate if you believe you have unusual circumstances that can best be stated personally. The location, date and time of these hearings is determined by the Board of Review.
  4. The completed appeal forms must either be filed online, officially postmarked (not metered mail date), or hand delivered to McHenry County on or before the deadline date. If mailing, or hand delivering, McHenry County requires two total copies of the appeal: the original form and evidence plus one copy of the form and evidence. You may also wish to make a copy for yourself.

Finding Comparables for Your Appeal

Comparable sales should be chosen as close to January 1, 2023 as possible.
Please see the Board of Review How to File an Appeal document for additional information.

Sales List:

To better serve our township residents, we are providing a Sales List of sold properties in Dorr Township from May 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023. This list must be used in conjunction with the Property Search feature on our website to help fill out the comparable grid on your appeal form. Please note that some of the homes with low sale prices may have been in poor condition at the time of sale.

How to use the Sales List:

  1. Use the appropriate  Sales List to help find your comparable sales. Find three to four comparable sales that are similar to your property. For example, if you have a one-story, single family residence, try to find similar one-story homes of comparable age, square footage, condition, and neighborhood. The comparables do not have to be an exact match to your property; adjustments are made for differences.
  2. After choosing your comparable sales, go to our  Property Search and enter the Parcel Number or Property Address for each sale you chose. Click on the property link to display the property record. Fill out the comparable grid on your appeal form with the information on the property record.
  3. Our office will provide small photos of your property and your selected comparables when we submit our information to the Board of Review. So, unless you wish to provide larger photos, your own photos are not a necessity. The exception is if you are filing an appeal based on the condition of your property. In this case, interior and/or exterior photos with a date stamp are helpful to determine the amount of depreciation.

Please note there may be additional sales that you are aware of, that are not on the sales list.
These sales may have been recorded outside the timeframe of May 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023. These sales should still be able to be found under our website Property Search.