Driveway Installation

Township Road District Of McHenry County Driveway Installation Specifications Print

  • New driveways on township roads should slope away from and be even with the existing road surface. If this is not possible, the Township Highway Commissioner may approve a driveway sloping toward the road providing the first four (4) feet are even with the roadway. A driveway that does not meet this requirement must be removed and reconstructed at the expense o fthe property owner.
  • When installing a driveway and or field entrance, a permit for a driveway installation on the township right-of-way is required. Driveway Permits expire after 120 days. Construction must take place during this time.
  • Driveway installation and restoration will be at the owners expense. The owner will also be responsible for replacing culverts damaged during construction.
  • Culverts will be 15 inch diameter corrugated steel pipe, 26 feet long, unless otherwise specified by the Township Commissioner in the Driveway Permit. Metal flared ends sections may be required. Spiral culverts, plastic or clay pipe and concrete headwalls are prohibited.
  • Driveways must be constructed with CA6 gravel or better (grade 7 or 9). A minimum of six inches of cover over the culvert is required. The gravel must extend from the road surface to the right of way line.
  • No obstruction of water flow through the ditchline is allowed. (i.e. rock, timber, concrete walls, brick, ect.).
  • If a house or other building is constructed, the property owner must obtain a Driveway Permit and have the driveway installed before a Building Permit will be issued. The Township Highway Commissioner may require a bond before issuing a permit. The bond will be returned after the driveway construction and restoration are approved.
  • If driveway is to be paved, the bituminous surface must be even with the road surface.
  • After completion of the construction and restoration work, the Permittee must call the Highway Commissioner for an inspection.