Dorr Township has  closed to the public for daily nonessential business.  I will continue to make myself available on a limited basis, and we will be monitoring our telephone messages and emails.

Until further notice use of meeting rooms for all groups will be canceled.  For individuals needing financial assistance, applications are available on-line, or can be requested by phone or email by providing a name and address.  You will receive a response within 24 hours.

We are all facing new and constantly changing information.  Look to our website for updates as we receive them.   I encourage you all to limit social interaction so we can be effective in ridding the spread of this virus.  Remember to be kind to one another and be safe.

Very truly yours,

Sue Brokaw




The Township Supervisor serves as the chief executive officer of the township. The Supervisor’s duties and responsibilities include serving as chairman of the township board of trustees, supervisor of the general assistance program and treasurer of all town funds including general assistance and road and bridge funds. Please browse our services. Any questions or comments, please contact me at Learn about our Board of Trustees.

The Township trustees are responsible for certifying tax levies for the township and for the road district.

The Board is also responsible for adopting the annual budget and appropriation ordinance for the Town, General Assistance, and the Road and Bridge funds. The Trustees approve all town expenses and audit bills submitted for payment.

Board of Trustees