Highway Commissioner

The Dorr Township Road District consists of all roads and bridges in the township that are not within incorporated municipalities. The road district is a public corporation like a township, but is a completely separate corporation, receiving its own tax dollars through its own independent line item on your McHenry County tax bill. State law requires townships to maintain their unincorporated roadways. Our goal is to provide the best possible roads and services at the most economical expense to our residents.

The Dorr Township Road District currently maintains 70 lane miles of roadway. The township is located in central McHenry County, bordering Seneca, Grafton, Nunda and Greenwood Townships.

Among the duties of the Highway Commissioner are constructing and maintaining roads and bridges, snow and ice removal, removing debris, downed trees and any wildlife struck by traffic, storage of tools and equipment and installation and maintenance of traffic signs. The Highway Department also approves all driveway permits. Please browse our services.

John Fuller

Dorr Township Highway Commissione